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We opened KALM Studios as a purpose built lockdown studio to keep working with the talented musicians we usually work with. As we move out of the pandemic and towards "normality" we are now back to filming the below services "on-location" rather than in the studio environment!


KALM Creative is fully equipped to create your very own professional showreel. Whether you are a seasoned vocalist or starting out in the industry, we can offer the perfect solution at affordable budgets – with a wide range of lighting backdrops, Special FX, high-end video & audio equipment and much more! Select a three, four or five-track showreel which can be recorded in a 4 hour (half-day) session. Promotionally ready to impress agents, venues and fans of your social media or website! Ideal for tribute acts, dancers and live vocal performers.


Perform your latest original material or your favourite cover tracks in the comforts of our Live Lounge style set captured on multiple angles. Perfect for live broadcasts direct to social media or simply to take away the footage to upload yourself at a later date. Bring your instrument, even if that is only your voice, and we will get you plugged in and live to the nation or direct to your nans desktop!


From Seminars, Classes, Product Launches, Award Presentations & Meetings to live performances, TV shows and concerts – our versatile studio can offer it all, with impressive upload speeds to make sure you always remain connected to your audience. We can provide and assist with your production needs, including two HD 50inch plasma TV’s, lectern stands, stage lighting, front lighting, backdrop holders, a range of microphones and audio equipment and more.

MUSIC VIDEOS - From £500

You have just written an iTunes topping song but have no idea what to do next with it. It is racking up the streams on Spotify but you aren’t getting as much social interaction as you deserve.

Most artists ignore this important factor as they assume a great music video is too expensive, or they know someone with a video camera and opt for what they think is the cheaper deal, often going home with a shaky thoughtless product.

KALM Creative can film your brand new music video at a fraction of what you think you would have to pay. Whether it be in the studio in front of a vast range of varied lighting backdrops – or out on location – we can make your music video come to life and give your next release the attention it deserves.

We can also provide music videos to cover songs too!


 We have a range of plain and coloured backdrops, along with studio lighting to suit casting headshots, family portraits, modelling, updated portfolio shoots and more! Our in-house experienced photographer will make you feel at ease, assisting you with ideas on how to pose for the perfect picture and show you some examples as you go. Whilst our editing team get to work once your shoot has finished and get the airbrushes out, ensuring your pictures are ‘Vogue’ ready!

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